How to Teach Phonics? (The Basics)

How to teach Phonics? (The Basics)

The primary goal of phonics instruction is to help individuals, especially young readers, develop the ability to decode or read words by translating the letters or graphemes into their corresponding phonemes and then blending those sounds together to form words. Phonics instruction is a fundamental component of early literacy education, and it plays a crucial role in helping individuals become proficient readers and spellers.

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STEAM Education

How to Implement STEAM Education?

“Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all understood with elements of Math”

Often seen written as, ST∑@M, this version denotes the definition most commonly cited for STEAM as not just an acronym to collect the fields, but one to show the order and purpose of how the subject fields relate in the societal development areas of the world. The goal of developing this framework was for teaching that could be based on natural ways of learning, customization for ALL types of students and programs and is Functional!

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Depth-of-field photography of P-L-A-Y wooden letter. The wooden letter 'P-L-A-Y' is positioned in the foreground of the image, sharply focused and occupying the center of the frame. The background gradually blurs out, creating a shallow depth of field effect. The letter is made of wood and has a natural texture, with visible grains and a smooth finish. The lighting highlights the contours of the letter, casting subtle shadows. The overall composition conveys a playful and tactile aesthetic

How Effective is Activity Based Learning

What is Activity Based Learning? As most of my writings extractions are based on an activity based learning criteria & free homeschooling resources. I would profoundly like to enlighten you with what ideology we as educators/mentors are following. Activity Based Learning is based on effective learner and teacher interaction. Active learning encourages students to imagine,

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