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How To juggle Between Pregnancy & A Toddler?

Juggling a toddler & pregnancy, this is a guide for managing both. Pregnancy sure is a beautiful journey, but it can become more complex when you already have a toddler to care for. Balancing the needs of your little one while nurturing a new life within you can be overwhelming. However, with some planning, patience, and support, it’s entirely manageable.

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How to Teach Phonics? (The Basics)

How to teach Phonics? (The Basics)

The primary goal of phonics instruction is to help individuals, especially young readers, develop the ability to decode or read words by translating the letters or graphemes into their corresponding phonemes and then blending those sounds together to form words. Phonics instruction is a fundamental component of early literacy education, and it plays a crucial role in helping individuals become proficient readers and spellers.

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How to make Summer Vacations Exciting?

As summer vacation approaches, it’s time to embark on an exciting journey of fun and learning for junior school students aged 7 to 11 years old. To make their break memorable, I have designed a special activity pack containing nine engaging tasks that will keep them entertained, encourage creativity, and enhance their skills. Let’s explore the wonderful world of summer with this carefully curated set of activities!

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Time management skills: A person sitting at a desk with a clock in the background, symbolizing the concept of time management. The person is organizing their tasks and prioritizing them on a to-do list. They are using a calendar and a stopwatch to plan and track their activities efficiently. This image represents the importance of effective time management skills in achieving productivity and meeting deadlines.

How to Teach Time Management Skills?

One of the earliest documented uses of time management in education was in the late 19th century when American educational reformer, John Dewey, emphasized the importance of time management in his educational philosophy. Dewey believed that learning should be experiential and that students should be given the opportunity to manage their own time and work at their own pace.

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creative writing skills

How to teach Creative Writing Skills

Encouraging creative writing at this very early stage is a master stroke to prepare them early to have an imagination to create.

Creative writing skills are important for children of all ages, including preschoolers. Developing these skills at a young age can help children develop strong communication and literacy skills, as well as foster creativity and imagination.

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