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How Effective is Activity Based Learning

As most of my writings extractions are based on an
activity based learning criteria & free homeschooling resources. I would profoundly like to enlighten you with what ideology we as educators/mentors are following.

Activity Based Learning is
based on effective learner and teacher interaction. Active learning encourages
students to imagine, inquire,  explore,  acquire,  experiment,
collaborate  and  experience the  joy  of  learning .The role of the teacher shifts here in this technique. The teacher has
to be more facilitating and motivating rather than just delivering the knowledge. 


This game based learning
technique leads to the satisfaction & motivation to learn when properly supported
by a positive learning environment or may be just a facilitator is good enough.

Learning through Worksheets

Unlike those boring
worksheets that we are using since ages, all that worksheet possess is a
command that says trace letter Aa 35 or god knows how many times and then to self-write

This is clearly not helping the child but what it only does is frustrates
the child to its core and this results, the child ultimately hates learning. It
is not the fault of your child but of the curriculum that dictates tedious days
maintaining those worksheets and root memorizing each and everything.

How to make worksheets more
fun Exciting?

Firstly if you are a super
mom or an extremely busy enthusiastic teacher I would advise you to grab some
of the premade letter worksheets that we are offering to get it or you can dodge on to our free homeschooling resources.


Ok now proceeding with the
making of an entertaining worksheet. All you have to do is keep it simple and
exciting add basic elements of physical activity in to the worksheet
For Example:
1.   Cutting
> Pasting> Assembling worksheets
2.  Join
the dots worksheets
3.  Learning
through Maze Worksheets
4.  Learning
through Play dough placing worksheets
5.  Story
Telling (With Props) Worksheets
6.  Cutting
>Folding Worksheets
7.  Identify
by pegging Worksheets
8.  Drawing>Coloring
Just like these you can come
up with any element and include the desired subject into it and voila your
worksheet is ready.

Learning through games/play:

Educational games have
become popular in the academic community recently.  Educational games can be used to enhance the
learning experience by improving student’s motivation and engagement. The
integration of games in the learning process requires involvement of
instructors in the development process to enhance the learning you can also look into our free provided resources and game boards.

According to Maria Montessori;

“Play is the work of the


Adding to that quote the Montessori
equipment/Material is nothing but comprises of play based learning but on a
very basic stage. But when it comes to the kindergartners where they are
tackling down a little higher level of mathematics, the questions is what play
based learning games should we be introducing them and how?

Built a game

My strategic approach to
that is building a game related to the subject for example many books have
explaining illustrations in them all you have to do is take an illustration and
built it in your on ways for better understanding.

Look out for the following

Here we are introducing
units and tens, I saw this illustration of two bars for the explanation of units
and tens in the book, the possible effective teaching approach was to build
your own bars with the help of some stationery and voila the students were also
entertained on a whole new level.

And this is how a fun-learn
activity was introduced.

Effectiveness of Activities

Listing down the some of the pre-made activities too for your help:

1. Activity motivates to strengthen
theoretical knowledge. 

2. Activity helps learners
to get connected to the real time scenarios.

3. Activity develops a perspective.

4. Activity enhances brain
development and cognitive skills.

5. Activity motivates a
child to learn.

6. Activities are child
centered approach.

7. Activity enhances Fine
motor skills.

8. Activity enhances Gross
motor skills.

9. Activities play a vital
role in physical development of the child.

10. Activity evicts root

11. Activity develops
imagination to learn and create.

12. Activity involves active participation of
the child.

13. Activity develops critical

What is Cognitive Development?

Cognitive development focuses
on child’s development in terms of information processing, conceptual
resources, perceptual skill, language learning, inquiring and solving skills. 


According to Putnam and
Borko (2000), situated learning theory has a few fundamental themes regarding
cognition. These themes value that:

is situated in physical and social contexts. Situated learning relies on authentic
activities to encourage cognitive development.
Cognitive development is a social process. Social
cognition involves transactions with others in the social environment.
These transactions are a factor in how cognition develops and what kinds
of skills are acquired.
Cognitive development occurs as a result of the
shared negotiations and shared
cognition’s with others in the physical
Discover the power of activity-based learning and engage students in a dynamic educational experience. Explore hands-on activities, interactive projects, and collaborative tasks that promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. Unlock the potential for meaningful learning by incorporating active, engaging approaches into your teaching methods.


if your child hates learning, maybe you need to change the teaching approach.

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