Effectiveness of Flash Cards

How effective a flash card really is?

Studying or memorizing something with the use of flash
cards is one of the oldest and classical ways of promoting activity
based- learning. 
A Flash card works on the principle of efficient
which claims the need to actively stimulate memory during the learning process through Active recall. 

Flash cards can be used in multiple ways you can either make it as a source of visual learning or you can apply the gamification theory to it which is all about fun and learning should go hand in hand. Gamifying the simplest teaching aids like a flash card can increase Meta cognition which relates to the awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes.

Effectiveness of flash cards in language

For Parents who are trying to introduce a new language to their children, using flashcard methodology might come in handy.  
When you prepare your infants to develop their language skills before starting school, they will have an easier time absorbing a new language because they already had built a helpful association with flash card methodology. 
Flash cards are indeed a treat for the visual

Flashcards allow children to make associations, for language learning specifically, we want them to associate a known word with its foreign language counterpart. When you show them both the images and the words, they create links in their brains which help them identify that object every time they see it.



Cheapest and Powerful Teaching Aid

If we compare flashcards to the digital teaching aid
available out there flashcards turn out to be the cheapest and most effective
of all. And if you have a creative and crafty mindset you can easily make it
on your own.
 The most basic
one intends to be of (3×5) inch. I personally prefer it to be of (6×6)
inch for a wider view.

Make your own flash cards

Gather the material needed to make the flashcards with
your child and involve your child in this creative process of making
your own flashcards because I believe it will serve the child brain much
better in a lot of ways.
When you use pre-made
flash cards, you’re skipping that entire part of the process. In most cases,
the time you save isn’t worth it.
pictures to your cards can make them a lot more memorable. In cognitive
psychology, there’s a concept called the
Picture superiority effect,
which describes how people tend to remember imagery
 a lot better than
they remember words.


Introducing handmade
flash cards for teachers and homeschooling parents. This flash card can help you with
the jolly phonics song as well as you can ask the child to trace his/her
fingers upon the letter, having an idea about the formation.


Things you need:
1. A4 computer paper 
2. Black marker (Foroutline)
4. Black paper strips
(For borders)
5. Marker/crayons/Oil
6. Glue *

The Making*

1. Glue the black
strips around all four corners so you can have a nice border. 



2. If you are good at
drawing, draw directly with marker if not you can use pencil in the first
place. Draw hollow “a”, ants and an arm around the hollow letter, following the
3. Write the poem in
print handwriting, if you are not good at it you can always use writing
Action and the tune
instructions is for the teacher/instructor you may write it in freestyle if
there is any need.
4. Ask your child to
Color it up.
5. Laminate it for
daily usage.

Step 1
flash cards
Step 2


And It’s Ready

Free Pre-made Flash cards

If you can’t keep up with the making of flash cards you
can always grab some free flash cards from @thelovingmontessoridirectress
(click here) and help yourself

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