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How to Introduce Nouns through activity?

Introduce Nouns through activity after reading the following article.


 We as an educationist had probably gone through various definitions of nouns from the very simplest to the very complex ones & always sticking to the simplest one;
 “A noun is a word that names a person, place, animal or thing”

Noun being the very basic parameter of English Language, simply putting it as a building block of English Language. 

It is at times quite challenging for a kindergartener to grasp, understand and differentiate between the words that are nouns and the words that are verbs, common and proper and other word relation

Common Observation:

Being an educationist I would like to sum up my observation on this note, Children are quite confused when to use nouns in a sentence, younger kindergartners often use just nouns as substitutes to complete their sentences. 
for example they might simply say “Egg”. which probably means “I want to eat an Egg.”
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Learning through Gamification:

There are multiple gamification ways to introduce Nouns. Here I am giving a little helping hand to all the teachers and homeschooling mothers by introducing one of my free homeschooling resources or  free educational resources for Preschool. 
Starting with the very basic while introducing nouns to the little ones, they should know how to differentiate between person, place or thing and simultaneously they should know that all of these are Nouns.
It is quite easy for the kids to adapt with this little game and all their concepts will be cleared gradually.   


free homeschooling resources

 (Free Educational Resource for Preschool):

By clicking and getting the free educational resource you will receive:
free homeschooling resources

Download for FREE (Nouns Pegging Activity) 


1. An explanatory card, stating the definition of noun and separating person, place & thing.
2. Multiple Flash Cards (18) with pictures of a person, place or thing. 
3. Each Flash card trio is in a loop with one another for example; If we have a nurse as person, we will be having hospital as place and stethoscope as a thing.

How it works:

1. Firstly you have to cut out all the flash cards in the following manner.
Free homeschooling resources
2. I would prefer giving pegs to the children so they can peg the correct answer. This is not only the fun element of this activity it will also automatically enhance the fine motor skills of the child.
free homeschooling resources

3. The Trio will enhance and work on building up the vocabulary related to professions.

Lastly keep enjoying our free homeschooling resources or free educational resources, more are yet to come.

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