Free Tiktok Math Challenge Booklet – 20 Math Word Problems for Grade 2 & 3

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Elevate Grade 3 math skills with FREE 20 interactive word problems inspired by TikTok culture.

Free TikTok Math Challenge Booklet

1. 20 Engaging TikTok-Themed Word Problems:

  • Elevate Grade 3 math skills with 20 free interactive word problems inspired by TikTok culture.
  • Encourage problem-solving and critical thinking through relatable scenarios.

2. Variety of Math Concepts Covered:

  • Explore addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, time, comparisons, fractions, and measurements through TikTok-themed challenges.
  • Reinforce Grade 3 mathematical concepts with fun, real-life scenarios.

3. TikTok-Inspired Scenarios for Mathematical Learning:

  • Engage students with scenarios involving TikTok likes, dance moves, emojis, video durations, and more.
  • Enhance mathematical proficiency while incorporating familiar TikTok elements.

4. Grade-Aligned & Curriculum-Friendly:

  • Aligns seamlessly with Grade 3 math curriculum standards and learning objectives.
  • Provides a playful yet educational approach to reinforce core math skills.

5. Encourages Critical Thinking & Application:

  • Promotes critical thinking by integrating TikTok culture into math problems.
  • Sparks creativity and application of math concepts in real-world scenarios.

6. Colorful & Interactive Worksheet Layout:

  • Vibrant and visually appealing design with TikTok-themed visuals.
  • Offers a structured layout with ample space for solving and answering each word problem.

7. Versatile Learning Resource:

  • Suitable for classroom activities, homework assignments, or homeschooling.
  • Facilitates independent or group learning to reinforce math proficiency.

8. Fosters Math Enjoyment & Relevance:

  • Connects math concepts with students’ interests in TikTok culture, making learning enjoyable.
  • Bridges the gap between academic concepts and everyday experiences.

9. Educator-Approved & Student-Centric Approach:

  • Crafted with educator input to ensure educational value and student engagement.
  • Empowers Grade 3 students to practice math skills within a TikTok-inspired context.

10. Stimulating TikTok-Themed Math Challenges:

  • Inspires Grade 3 students to tackle math problems with enthusiasm and relevance.
  • Utilizes TikTok culture to create a dynamic and engaging math learning experience.


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