Cognitive Development

The Role of Storytelling in Child Development

Storytelling is a timeless tradition that has been used for centuries to convey information, entertain, and teach valuable life lessons. For young children, storytelling is not just a source of amusement but a powerful tool for development. From enhancing language skills to fostering empathy, storytelling plays a critical role in child development. Here’s an in-depth […]

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Depth-of-field photography of P-L-A-Y wooden letter. The wooden letter 'P-L-A-Y' is positioned in the foreground of the image, sharply focused and occupying the center of the frame. The background gradually blurs out, creating a shallow depth of field effect. The letter is made of wood and has a natural texture, with visible grains and a smooth finish. The lighting highlights the contours of the letter, casting subtle shadows. The overall composition conveys a playful and tactile aesthetic

How Effective is Activity Based Learning

What is Activity Based Learning? As most of my writings extractions are based on an activity based learning criteria & free homeschooling resources. I would profoundly like to enlighten you with what ideology we as educators/mentors are following. Activity Based Learning is based on effective learner and teacher interaction. Active learning encourages students to imagine,

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