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Education in Quarantine

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What is the joy of doing
nything when there are no hurdles around it? 
It’s 2020 and people are well
aware of this 
Education in Quarantine" depicts individuals adapting to learning during a period of isolation. Students engage in remote classes, utilizing digital platforms and technology for virtual lessons.

term “Quarantine”.  Before 2020 this term was only
to be heard in the movies, mostly where the plot of the movie revolves
around zombie apocalypse. Well fortunately we are nowhere near
zombie apocalypse, we are not biting into each other’s brains but we can kill
each other unwillingly by transferring the virus. Everything is shut down and
under lock-down not because my neighbor is a zombie but my neighbor
can carry the virus which might affect me badly.

While observing this quarantine we might have
taken some stupid decisions, being it the shortage of toilet paper or making it
certain that everybody believes “REPENT! The end is near.”
This is the time when we should
be sharing alternatives 
 of difficult scenarios with
each other.
Let’s talk about education, in
this time of crises schools are under lock-down, Teachers & students
are observing self-quarantine and self-isolation. We should be giving each
other a helping hand and if this crisis is coming as a hurdle in giving
and receiving education
 we need to come up with a healthy alternative
which is “Distanced learning”   or “Remote

*Remote Learning

Remote Learning/ Distanced Learning occurs
when the learner and instructor, or source of information, are separated by
time and distance and therefore cannot meet in a traditional classroom setting. 

is typically transmitted via technology (email, discussion boards, video
conference, and audio bridge) or by providing the soft copy of the teaching aid
so that no physical presence in the classroom is required; otherwise, it would
Hybrid or Blended Learning
Zoom and Google
classroom are being used comparatively more than the other apps.
@thelovingmontessoridirectress is trying to achieve the same goals in providing
an exceptional learning material even in these tough times.

Creative learning

In these challenging times, we
cannot provide the child with a classroom setting but still, we can make the
simple learning creative. This can be done easily with the help of informative
videos and by getting your hands on the teaching aid provided on this site
which will make it a fun learn experience for you and for your child.  


Educate your child by providing
the experience of hands-on activities even from the simplest of things like let
your child help you in cooking or at times you can indulge with your child in
arts and crafts and other exploring activities, let the child analyze things
and scenarios on its own that also helps in the cognitive development of the
child this is what creative learning is all about.

*Management & Planning

Since your child and you are
destined to stay at home in quarantine sleeping, munching and binge watching
your favorite series all day might not be the right thing to do. Productivity,
self-discipline & management are very important. Plan your daily schedule
focus on productivity make sure that your child is a part of all the chores and
stuff you are doing. Keep a proactive approach to everything you do. 



 *Free Quarantine Schedule

Being a Muslim I like to name
Quarantine as Quran-time, I prefer reading The Quran and praying should be done
more likely in this quarantine. I have managed to design this general
quarantine schedule
for all the Muslim kids out there observing
quarantine (
) to get it. 

Stay home, stay safe!

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